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A huge selection of styles and formats with various memory capacities are available.

Pair of earphones for Mp3/4 players with two spare sets of buds and supplied in a plastic case.

Plastic basic pedometer with step counter. It will automatically turn off if motion is not detected after one and half minutes but still retains the memory. Batteries included.

Earphones in plain round plastic case with flip lid. Good print area for logo or message on lid.

Earphones in PVC housed in a triangular silicone/ABS case with key ring. Cable length 100 cm.

Retractable earphones in PVC housing. Simply push the button to rewind and securely store your earphones.

Retractable standard in-earphones with 1m long cord. In-ear buds shaped for greater comfort when wearing. Comes complete with 3.5mm jack plug to fit mobile phone and mp3 devices.

Retractable cable with USB and micro USB. Push the button to rewind and unwind the cable.

Super lightweight stylish earbuds. Can be used on smartphones, tablets and all music players with a 3.5 mm audio jack. Includes a handy storage box.

Earbuds with clip on blinking light case that prevents the earbud cords from becoming tangled. Great for outdoor events and festivals. Use with any 3.5mm audio jack. Batteries included.

4 port round USB hub with input port inserted inside. Nice range of coloured cords.

1200 mAh power bank with key ring attachment. Cable included. Rechargeable by USB port.

4 port rectangular USB hub with foldable input port.

Inexpensive pedometer bracelet that tracks basic fitness like amount of steps, distance and calories burned. It also functions as a watch and the silicon bracelet makes it very comfortable to wear, even when exercising.

2000 mAh power bank with strap attachment. Coloured micro USB cable included. Rechargeable by USB port.

3 port 2.0 hub device and 1 type C plug in ABS plastic.

Portable cuboid shaped power bank with 2200 mAh. Supplied with a USB cable and packaged in a white box.

Portable power bank (2600 mAh) supplied with a 50cm USB cable.

Mini speaker with cable. 1 Lithium 180mAh battery and micro USB cable included.

2200 mAh in aluminium. Capacity for smartphone use, out put current DC5V/1A. Includes indicting light and USB cable with micro USB plug.

Half the size of usual selfie sticks while allowing you to still capture those all important moments. Suitable for connecting to any Smartphone device via its integrated 3.5mm audio cable meaning no batteries or Bluetooth pairing is required. The metal arm extends to 19.5 inches (49.5cm's) and is perfect for laser engraving, leaving an everlasting message. Supplied in a gift box with instruction manual.

2200 mAh produced in aluminium. Capacity for smartphone use, output current DC5V/1A. Includes indicating light and USB cable with micro USB plug.

Portable aluminium cylinder shaped power bank with 2600-mAh capacity. Supplied with a USB cable and packed in a white box.

Charge your electronic devices on the go. Robust, comfortably small and flat, so seriously easy to carry along. It has a battery capacity of 2000 mAh and a 1A output.



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